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May 2021

Have you ever come across someone who is overly happy and energized at times and very sad and depressed at other times? Are you confused over this erratic and unpredictable behavior? The sad truth is that the person might have Bipolar Disorder. What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that brings about severe highs and lows in a person’s behaviour. This can bring about a drastic change in the

The majority of people becomes nervous around certain social circumstances. When you are asked to present some important papers in a classroom or address a social gathering, you will become nervous. But this nervousness is a temporary phase. Once you are up to it, you forget your fear and anxiety and go about with your task. But there are a certain group of people who are so nervous that they altogether

You have just entered the new phase of your life, parenthood. The little bundle of joy in your hand is supposed to bring you a lot of happiness. But instead, you feel sad and depressed. You do not feel like eating or sleeping and feel that you are a bad mother. Does this sound familiar? Then you might be suffering from postpartum depression. What Is Postpartum Depression?Postpartum depression is a mental